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Where have the Boot options Gone after install Fedora 21?

asked 2015-02-18 09:27:15 -0600

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updated 2015-02-19 07:50:04 -0600

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I just installed Fedora 21 onto a blank SCSI disk. the Machine already had Windows Vista64 and from what I have seen in here, that should then allow me to get the option to boot either Windows OR Fedora on boot up. But NOPE..I only get windows as an option - 2 questions 1) How can I get back into Fedora 2) how can I get the Boot loader to give me the option to boot either ? Please help..Really eager to get t his working Thanks in advance

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answered 2015-02-18 10:24:48 -0600

covex gravatar image

Is the bootloader the same one as before install, or did it changed to grub?

In my opinion you either choose to not install a fedora boot loader or let it install not into MBR/GPT but to partition. Windows bootloader does not allow you to boot fedora.

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Actually, its a fairly interesting situation. I have yet to finish testing this the Fedora install was on a SCSI disk and there for a seperate controller I had to select F12 on boot up and select the scsi disk as the bootable device and am assuming that once I go to BIOS and set the scsi controller to be the Master boot device then it should work ok. I say that as once I had selected the scsi disk to boot from, the options for Fedora AND windows came up - Hopefully this will do it......and in answer to you question, I have no idea yet as I don't know how to view hidden files iin the "Files" app...and have forgotten how to change to a different dev in Terminal..Its been a while since I sued Linux...I'll get there but I assume ...(more)

Orriginal gravatar imageOrriginal ( 2015-02-18 11:53:33 -0600 )edit

Booting in through the scsi disk gives me the option to boot to Windows but fails as it cannot find the bootmgr...But does boot to Fedora fine.......the error seems to be that the fedora install failed to mark the boot file with directions to each Op Sys. any idea how I can get this working ? ( I know in windows systems, the file to edit is boot.ini..c can you tell me the file in fedora please..Newbie here

Orriginal gravatar imageOrriginal ( 2015-02-18 12:14:01 -0600 )edit

Yes, this makes sense. If you switched the scsi disk to be a primary for the install, then reverted back to IDE with Windows, then boot loader from Fedora is only on the scsi that is not a primary boot disk now.

covex gravatar imagecovex ( 2015-02-18 12:52:06 -0600 )edit

Fedora should be able to chainload the windows bootmgr from the other disk, the problem is that windows are not able to boot from "non primary" disks. There is a trick - you may switch the disk position with boot loader, but I am not sure about scsi and ide if this works too and it is tricky.

Anyway this setup is not very good. I would suggest to leave IDE as primary boot disk a during install of Fedora choose scsi for it as installation disk, but place fedora boot loader into IDE MBR.

Of course - backup!

covex gravatar imagecovex ( 2015-02-18 12:56:16 -0600 )edit

I should have mentioned that the IDE was the primary disk when I installed Fedora on to the SCSI disk. The only way I can get the option to boot to Fedora is to make the Scsi disk Primary but then windows, if selected from the options given, will not work and reports that BOOTMGR is missing. If I want to boot windows, I have to boot through the IDE and if I want Fedora, I have to boot through the SCSI. Each of these is done by entering the BIOS and changing the Primary first...Excellent security but a pain in the backside !

Orriginal gravatar imageOrriginal ( 2015-02-19 03:40:55 -0600 )edit

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