Setup USB Wimax Connection (GCT 7205 Chipset, Yes GO)

asked 2015-01-26 00:24:31 -0500

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I want to connect my mobile Fedora 21 64Bit workstation through my Wimax USB Dongle (Yes Go dongle, manufactured by Infomark, using GDM 7205 chipset by GCT semiconductors) with a local ISP (Yes Malaysia). The ISP even offers an RPM ( ) with their connect SW package. However, the Kernel modules contained in the latter are compiled against old Kernel versions and do not work with my Kernel. Additionally, the ISP states clearly that they will not support any other Linux versions.

So, I did a lot of research on the issue and found an old post describing how to manually compile a driver for the device ( ). However, by now the Kernel contains a module for the GCT 7205 chipset (gdmwm.ko) in the staging tree. I obtained this via RPM Fusion (dnf install kmod-staging) and after a restart, dmesg tells me that the gdmwm driver now correctly recognized my GCT 7205 USB dongle and had setup a USB ethernet ifc for it.

My question is now: How would I proceed? How to actually setup the connection and connect through the dongle? The NetworkManager allows me to define an ethernet profile for the USB ethernet connection, where I tried to setup everything according to the configuration of the non-working ISP package (TTLS with Ms-CHAP v2, anonymous id: , yes id as login, password). This, however, does not work. It keeps asking me for a password, despite me providing the correct one. Listing the wimax devices in the NetworkManager does also not work, as it seems to be compiled without Wimax support. Any ideas? How are Wimax connections through USB dongles usually setup in Fedora?

Any help/ideas/suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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