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fedora 21 wont boot into graphical interface

asked 2015-01-24 22:48:54 -0500

BPearce gravatar image

First boot after upgrade to FC-21 nonproduct all seamed ok. The next boot gave the graphical login screen and when loging-in from password page there is a pause with blank screen. Then there displaying three lines about cups and then it says plymonth waiting. Then the screen returns to the graphical log in page. later on the machine started showing the system text login screen. After loging using ctr+alt+f2 and loging in or loging in from text login yuo can type startx and every thing works normal until the next time you login.

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Did you install the correct driver for your graphics card?

deusdara gravatar imagedeusdara ( 2015-01-25 16:26:12 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-01-25 02:36:39 -0500

mihkel gravatar image

systemctl set-default ← try this. You have to execute it as root or using sudo. Maybe it helps eg. right now it may be that default target it set to which is text mode.

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i had a similar issue and this worked for me, thanks!

elmiko gravatar imageelmiko ( 2015-02-02 19:26:57 -0500 )edit

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