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Wireless driver not working

asked 2015-01-05 22:37:50 -0600

yanglifu90 gravatar image

updated 2015-04-13 11:49:57 -0600

mether gravatar image

The laptop has a broadcom 43228 product, I installed kmod-wl from rpmfusion but no wireless network option appeared after reboot. The document says kmod-wl should work, I wonder what is wrong. Please help, thanks.

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-01-06 01:52:42 -0600

Woland gravatar image

updated 2015-01-06 02:24:17 -0600

  1. Run lsmod and look for the 'wl' module. (Try lsmod | grep wl ) is it there? Yes? Skip to step 3.


  1. Make sure the driver is installed on your system. If it isn't in /usr/lib/modules/[3.17.4-your-version-number]/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ then you've found the problem. Try reinstalling the RPM. Also, the version of your currently running kernel should match the directory where you found the module.

  2. If the module is present, try loading it manually: modprobe wl (run as root, of course) should either work or return some helpful errors, that will help us help you further. If this is successful running lsmod should show that the module is loaded.

  3. If you are here, then your module is loaded into the running kernel, but there may be some other problem. If you run lspci can you see your device? Immediately after a reboot your system, running lsmod should show you the module; use dmesg to look through the message buffer of the kernel to see what errors may have been generated on boot.

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answered 2015-01-06 07:47:35 -0600

tgentry252 gravatar image

I have the same broadcom wireless on my dell. I followed the directions here and have it working fine. The only issue I have is that the wireless will not find networks unless 1. you turn the wireless switch off then back on or log off then back on. Play close attention to the modprobe -r section. I had to use the modprobe b43 to get the card to work.

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