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Virtualbox and kernel version problem

asked 2014-11-10 07:45:24 -0600

mohammadhzp gravatar image

updated 2014-11-10 07:56:22 -0600

mether gravatar image

I am using this answer to install Vbox,The only problem I have is with kernel version in the second part of that answer it tells output of

uname -rm


rpm -qa kernel | sort -V | tail -n 1

should match but for me,they don't the output of uname -rm is : 3.15.10-201.fc20.i686+PAE i686

and the output of rpm -qa kernel | sort -V | tail -n 1 is kernel-3.16.7-200.fc20.i686

I tried to installing kernel-3.16.7-200.fc20.i686 with yum but I can't,I tried something like this:

sudo yum install kernel.i686-3.16.7-200.fc20

here is the output of rpm -qa kernel

rpm -qa kernel




So the question is,How Can I download and install kernel and set it to default in my fedora 20 and makes the outputs match

edit: I did not how to put codes in code tags using this editor

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answered 2014-11-10 10:05:07 -0600

pnadk gravatar image

The output of your command "rpm -q kernel" shows that the kernel version 3.16.7 is already installed. The output of the command "uname -a" shows that you are running a kernel version 3.15.10. So you probably did not select the latest kernel when you booted the computer. If you don't have a reason to use an older kernel version, you can remove them.

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That's the problem,there is nothing to select,all kernels in boot menu start with 3.15,no kernel for 3.16 series comes up,no sign of kernel v3.16,I am stuck to this kernel even kernel 3.16 is any idea ?

mohammadhzp gravatar imagemohammadhzp ( 2014-11-10 13:20:42 -0600 )edit

Try to recreate the GRUB menu by following This link using grub-mkconfig

pnadk gravatar imagepnadk ( 2014-11-10 15:31:25 -0600 )edit

sudo grub2-install /dev/sda did the trick,It installed fedora boot menu,before it,it was ubuntu boot menu,so new kernels did not show up in there thanks

mohammadhzp gravatar imagemohammadhzp ( 2014-11-11 04:09:27 -0600 )edit

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