rebuild network interface driver after kernel update

asked 2014-11-08 13:06:22 -0600

DJon gravatar image

I have an Asus wireless card in a home server that is compatible with Linux, but unfortunately you have to download the module source and compile it. It's broken, as is, but I was able to patch the source and get it working.

However, when I update the kernel, all my network services fail on reboot, and I have to recompile and reboot again.

How can I recompile the driver before rebooting? As it is, the module is compiled against the running kernel, not the newly installed one.

I tried dkms, but found it to be quite buggy. It builds and installs the module, but then the module doesn't work. Sometimes, when I run a dkms command, it does absolutely nothing, without printing any messages as to why. So I scrapped the dkms option.

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