Fedora 20 debug pivot root kernel upgrade

asked 2014-10-15 21:27:59 -0600

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After doing a 'yum upgrade' and getting a new kernel on my fedora 20 system, the new kernel fails to boot, (I can still boot my system with the previous kernel).

The system seems to hang right where the pivot root should happen. If I add "rootdelay=30" to the linux line in grub ... sure enough the system waits 30 seconds before it goes on and hangs. If I add "rdshell" to the linux line in grub nothing extra happens.

Because no file systems are mounted I don't know how or where to look for logs or other debug information.

The one interesting line on the last screen reads (in part), " ? panic+0x1c8/0x20c"

This system uses 'bcache' physical disks that the root volume group is built on, (then the logical volumes are built on that VG). The /boot file system is installed on a plain disk partition of it's own .... if that might explain anything.

So... how can I get more information about the boot failure ... or are you good enough to guess without further information?

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