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Is there a way for us to Install a complete OS in an USB

asked 2014-09-10 18:34:07 -0600

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updated 2014-09-10 23:26:56 -0600

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Is it possible to install a complete fedora OS in an USB.

I do not want just a live USB where I cannot save anything. I want to customize it, install applications, make changes and I want these to get saved in it and I want to boot it from any device I want. But I am not able to do any of these things to a live USB image. I am not even able to create a user account on a live USB.

If it matters: The reason why I want is I do not want to be using many OS on many devices. I want to carry my entire OS with me and boot from it whenever I want without doing much on the hard disk of the device I am using.

P.S.: I have heard that Sugar on a Stick can be used in such a way, but I couldn't do much to it. I am not a power user, so I don't know what to do with Sugar desktop. I want to use KDE or Gnome on my the OS.

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answered 2014-12-09 10:57:10 -0600

deadrat gravatar image

updated 2015-03-06 10:52:52 -0600

First you need a USB storage device or a DVD.

Then download the image that you want to create the Live CD with.
I chose Fedora 20 desktop version. You can download it here:

Depending on your Operating system, you need a software to create the Live CD. I recommend liveusb-creator. You can get it here:

First plugin your USB flash storage device to your computer(minimum 8 GB flash drive recommended for using it as a stand alone OS)

Then Run liveusb-creator as super user (or administrator) In fedora, type sudo liveusb-creator in terminal to do that.

Choose the option on how to obtain the ISO file. In case you have already downloaded it, locate it and then choose the USB flash drive.

Very important: Don't forget to add the persistent storage. It is where all your customizations get saved.

Then create your Live USB and you have it.

Once it is completed, you can install any apps in it and remove the ones you do not want. The customizations will be saved in Persistent storage.

Edit: ( This will create a Live USB media using which you can boot into the OS, but it is not a full fledged OS. I am not able to perform few tasks that I can do using the fedora installed on a disk. )

In order to install the full OS on a USB, boot the live USB and run the installer (This live USB/CD should be created on a different device other than the one you want to install your OS on).

When it asks you to choose where to install Fedora, select your external HDD / a USB in which you want to install the OS.

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Mind you, liveusb-creator doesn't handle booting in computers with UEFI.

HoboPrimate gravatar imageHoboPrimate ( 2015-03-06 18:33:08 -0600 )edit

answered 2014-09-10 18:41:11 -0600

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updated 2014-09-10 18:42:13 -0600

I use this to build ISO images which can be "burnt" to either DVDs, CDs, and finally USB drives. It works really well and you can customize the image by modifying the kickstart files. The easiest way to get started is to clone the liveusb git repository, then clone some kickstart spin repositories and modify the kickstart files.

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