how to maximize responsiveness during heavy IO on squashfs root?

asked 2014-09-08 19:58:49 -0500

Walter White gravatar image

I am using a squashfs root (live image) on my hard-drive and for the most part it works fine. However, when doing heavy IO such as a large file copy, the system becomes almost unusable because it is unresponsive. If I use the same install image but extract out the ext4 image, it slows down, but not nearly as much.

It seems with a squashfs root, it really slows down disk IO. Now, the files are compressed, so it would take less time to read them, but because the block size is perhaps bigger, I have to read more data in than I would have before. I still cannot seem to sort out what is causing it to run as slowly as it does. The IO operations will even slow the system down if the really intensive operations are done on another disk (not the system disk).

What can I do to make this more usable? Should I use a smaller blocksize (currently I am using 512kb)?

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