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Copying large files (>4.3GB)

asked 2014-06-08 04:14:00 -0500

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updated 2014-09-28 23:50:06 -0500

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I want to copy a VDI file from my Fedora device to external hard drive. I've succesfully transfered it to my netbook (running Fedora) from another external-hdd, but when I want to copy it to my new external-hdd, I get statement that file is too large both in Terminal and in Files (i'm using Gnome). How to copy it then?

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What filesystem is your new hard drive using? FAT32 has a 4GB size limit.

cobra gravatar imagecobra ( 2014-06-08 06:44:57 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-06-08 12:34:06 -0500

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Yes, as cobra said FAT32 has 4GB file size limit and your new external HDD is (almost definitely) using FAT32. Therefore, I can think of two solutions:

  1. Convert or Format your external HDD filesystems to/with NTFS (or other filesystems if you will not be attaching the disk to systems with Windows OS), and copy your VDI file afterwards. AFAIK, once there was a FAT32 to NTFS conversion utility in Windows. If you think that you'll need to copy files bigger than 4GB to your external HDD more than very few times, or if you want to be able to use the file directly from the external HDD, I really suggest changing your filesystem to a better filesystem. NTFS would be an ideal choice if Windows compatibility is needed.

  2. Split your VDI file to smaller parts using the split command and store the parts in your external HDD. Later, you'll need to concatenate the parts together in the target system and use it.

Split Example (splitting MyBigFile.VDI to parts not bigger than 3500 MiB into /run/media/user/mydisk/):

split -b 3500M MyBigFile.VDI /run/media/user/mydisk/MyBigFile.VDI_part_

Concatenate example:

cat /run/media/user/mydisk/MyBigFile.VDI_part_* > MyBigFile.VDI
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