multiscreen display - how to open an application on secondary screen

asked 2014-05-31 19:24:16 -0600

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updated 2015-03-28 10:30:01 -0600

I am on Fedora 19, and have a secondary screen hooked up to my laptop, works great, but I find I am often dragging the same apps across to my widescreen monitor after startup, as the apps open on my laptop screen.

How can I specify which screen to open an application on? And if the second monitor was not present, would the command default to the laptop?

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Are the applications automatically starting at login or are you starting them? I find that applications that I start tend to open on the screen that the mouse pointer is currently on.

ssieb gravatar imagessieb ( 2014-06-05 11:01:06 -0600 )edit