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A political issue

asked 2014-04-29 09:24:47 -0500

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Hi all,

What I am going to talk about is kind of serious, and it is related to political reasons rather than technical details.

As I just installed a fresh Fedora 20 and was doing language setting, I found that the option of Traditional Chinese is marked with [Taiwan, a province of China].

I know most of you may not know what exactly happened between China and Taiwan, but this is obviously an political description which should not be here. In my opinion, as Fedora Project claimed itself to be a free operating system, it should at least show some respect to the spirit of freedom. So far, China is far from a free country, and Fedora Project should not help such a country bully Taiwan.

I would like to know that, is it possible to remove the unnecessary words in the next release?

Thank you very much.

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Yes, as @cma answered it would be better to ask the developers. They are responsible for such things. Ask on fedora-devel list or IRC channel or even fill a bug about this. (IRC it's better at my opinion, more straightforward).

NickTux gravatar imageNickTux ( 2014-04-30 01:34:06 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-04-29 21:52:47 -0500


I'm not a Fedora developer so I can't answer your question: "[I]s it possible to remove the unnecessary words in the next release?"

I think the origin of the phrase can be traced to the ISO 3166 specification for country codes. See also: Wikipedia's full article on the phrase "Taiwan, Province of China". The country names used by the installer may be machine-generated and not proof-read by humans for sensitivities. The ISO, being a political organization itself, of course tends to be swayed by the influence of big interests. As a result, lots of politically-motivated stuff got propagated, even automatically, everywhere all over...

Indeed, if the names are machine-generated from some i18n/l12n program from some kind of machine-readable ISO standard spec, it may be possible to use the "local short name" (which in this case simply reads "Taiwan"), rather than the full name, for text-generation. The local short name tends to be acceptable by locals and is more politically-neutral than the full name. Again, I'm not a developer, but I believe this could be feasible.

Perhaps the Fedora devel mailing list is a better place to ask ..

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