Printer keeps turning itself off in Fedora 19

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updated 2014-04-03 08:29:32 -0600

Previously printing was not so annoying as in Fedora 19. I just sent jobs to printer and did not have to worry about its status - whenever printer was ready, the jobs printed.

Now if only the job was sent before printer's JetDirect activated itself, the printer will be turned off in Fedora and I will have to go into the printer applet in Gnome and drag the button to 'On' position, then provide root password.

This is simply infuriating, as I don't keep printer turned on at all times. Is there a setting to leave printer active and just send the job once it is ready?

On top of that notification area displays 4 messages per print job. Is there any way to turn them off, as they are nothing but annoying?

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