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can i run KA-Lite on Fedora

asked 2014-03-29 09:00:19 -0600

vudeh gravatar image

I am trying to load KA-Lite on Fedora 20

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answered 2014-03-29 12:41:21 -0600

marcindulak gravatar image

See - just change the username/password/server in the expect script below:

su -
yum -y install git expect
cd /opt
git clone
cd ka-lite
cat <<'EOF' > /opt/ka-lite/ka-lite_install
#!/usr/bin/expect --
spawn /bin/sh /opt/ka-lite/
expect {Press \[enter\] to continue\.\.\.}
send "\r"
expect {Username (leave blank to use 'root'):}
send "\r"
expect {Password:}
send "root\r"
expect {Password (again):}
send "root\r"
expect {Please enter a name for this server (or, press Enter to use .*):}
send "localhost\r"
expect {Please enter a one-line description for this server (or, press Enter to leave blank):}
send "\r"
set timeout -1
expect {}
send "\r"
puts "Ended expect script."
expect /opt/ka-lite/ka-lite_install

Start the server as an unprivileged user:

/opt/ka-lite/kalite/ kaserve host= port=8008 daemonize=true pidfile=~/

and access the web interface:

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