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easylife SetupKeyBoard, SetupWindows and SsLockOff

asked 2014-03-16 07:13:40 -0600

cyberjar09 gravatar image

I am new to Fedora, using easyLife for convenience. I am not sure what effect of installing the following will have:

  1. SetupKeyBoard
  2. SetupWindows
  3. SsLockOff

I tried to google around but found nothing explaining these installs in more detail.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-03-16 14:30:36 -0600

duli gravatar image

When you run easyLife you will be presented with a menu GUI that will show what those options do.

  1. SetupKeyboard: Speed up the keyboard. More comfort to type and search for text using the arrow keys.

Source code:

  1. SetupWindows: Set windows to browser mode. More comfort to browse your files, with folder in the side bar.

Source code:

  1. SSLockoff: Unlocks the screensaver. (Actually, this should be "Turns screensaver lock off").

Source code:

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@duli thankd for the response, quick clarification: 1. SetupWindows affects Nautilus only correct? 2. SSLockOff is the same effect as caffiene ? (prevent screen lock) 3. SetupKeyboard does nothing more than reduce the keypress delay. Am I right?

I am aware that easyLife gives a description when I launch it but the descriptions were not clear hence I had to come here.

cyberjar09 gravatar imagecyberjar09 ( 2014-03-17 08:51:26 -0600 )edit

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