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How do I install a newer version of GNOME on Fedora 20? [closed]

asked 2014-02-27 13:23:27 -0600

ryanlerch gravatar image

updated 2014-02-28 13:44:01 -0600

Fedora 20, by default, comes with GNOME 3.10. Is there anyway I can update GNOME on my system to use the newer version of GNOME (i.e. GNOME 3.11, what will become 3.12 when it is released?)

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answered 2014-02-27 13:32:23 -0600

ryanlerch gravatar image

updated 2014-02-28 13:46:26 -0600

Richard Hughes is packaging up GNOME 3.12 in a copr repo for people running Fedora 20. Note that this repo is contains software that is in development, and thus should be considered experimental.

Before enabling this, be sure to check the copr repo page for any further information about installing and using this repo

To enable the repo, create a new repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/:

sudo touch /etc/yum.repos.d/rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12.repo

Next, edit the file (again as root) and paste the follo the following repo definition:

name=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (i386)

name=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (x86_64)

Exit your text editor, and update your system with

sudo yum update

Finally, reboot your system, and you should be running fedora 20 with all the GNOME 3.12 goodness.

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Fair warning, "experimental" in this context means GNOME 3.12 is there for testing purposes. If there's a problem with the included packages, you should report them at GNOME's bugzilla.

randomuser gravatar imagerandomuser ( 2014-02-27 23:40:54 -0600 )edit

The COPR repo page also states to email the author of the repo if there are any issues with the packaging. (i.e. dependenciy issues).

ryanlerch gravatar imageryanlerch ( 2014-02-28 13:15:29 -0600 )edit

answered 2014-02-27 18:51:35 -0600

John Chen gravatar image

Firstly you will need “X Window System” as the based for GUI

# yum groupinstall -y 'X Window System'

After that you can choose one of these available Desktop groups to install.

# yum groupinstall basic-desktop desktop-platform x11 fonts

Source: how to install gui to centos minimal

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I already have GNOME installed.

Also, these instructions don't work for Fedora. There is no "X Window System" group in the Fedora repos.

ryanlerch gravatar imageryanlerch ( 2014-02-28 13:50:20 -0600 )edit

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