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make-kpkg does not work in Fedora 20.

asked 2014-02-15 20:25:10 -0600

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I have been owrking with linux kernel, compiling and inserting modules, in my custom kernels. Previously I had Ubuntu where I had been working with my custom kernel and all the commands for compiling and installing kernel worked like a charm once I had installed all the required libraries. Now I have switched over to Fedora 20, here I want to install my custom kernel and for that I downloaded all possible kernel tools, namely, "Kernel Development" "Kernel Tools" these are group installs and other libraries that I downloaded were ia32 libraries (as I am working on 64-bit OS), kernel-devel package. Still I am not able to work with make-kpkg command. It says bash: make-kpkg: command not found.... I googled out and did everything I could. Can anyone get me out of this trouble?

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answered 2014-02-16 07:25:48 -0600

Marc lml gravatar image

The command make-kpkg is a Debian command and is not available on Fedora.

This Wiki might help you to build a custom kernel on Fedora:

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