live install failing to find existing disk space

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Hello all,

have v19 live on a dell m6600.

it's HD has half of its approx 750gigs partitioned for win7 and with a win7 install.

the other half is not partitioned and just sitting there as unallocated.

i keep getting different responses when attempting to partition and install to the half drive we want to use for v19. sometimes the program sees nothing but a couple of megs of unused space and when we try to tell it what we want, it shows a whole disk available...and we sure cannot afford to have our windows installation touched.

playing around gave us a way to "preserve" or not, but when we attempted to use the unallocated space (which it read as almost a hundred gigs more than we believe we have), we never could seem to get to a point where we could simply tell it to use some of that space for an install, and create another partition in it for a swap file.

we are obviously new to linux, but are otherwise not new kids...and the program seems to have a mind of its own, no matter what we try to tell it to do.

rebooting live has also given us different information about the same configuration.

can someone be so kind as to help us (we have a flawlessly done Mint install on a similar workstation but only want to use fedora going forward).

many thanks!


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