Black TTY after wake up from suspending.

asked 2013-10-29 03:04:36 -0500

ifoolb gravatar image

Hi all, TTY shows nothing after my laptop wakes up from suspending.I suspect it's caused by nVidia driver,but I'm not sure.Did anyone here know something about this or encounter the same issue before?It's not a big problem but I'm curious about this,so there's not necessarily a solution.


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I've had similar problems in the past but can not reproduce. Presumably I changed some parameters with the tool 'xscreensaver-demo' (rpm: xscreensaver-base). But I never find out if these were related to the problem.

kdg1955 gravatar imagekdg1955 ( 2013-10-29 06:12:39 -0500 )edit