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Fedora 19 system preferences under Gnome?

asked 2013-10-10 22:22:39 -0600

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updated 2014-05-11 14:02:25 -0600

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I've installed the original Fedora, Fedora 4, Fedora 12, and now Fedora 19, and I have to say dealing with the desktop seems to become more frustrating with each "upgrade".

I want to enable remote Desktop- the docs say go under Gnome System-> Preferences, and find it there.

Where is it? For 12, There were essentially 3 dropdown menus at the top of the desktop- Applications, System, and Places. A couple of highly used application icons were there, too, and I had two workspaces,

Now there's just Activities in the upper left and that's it.

Where is System? Where is Remote Desktop?

Is there an easy way to get the Fedora 12 desktop back?

I have to say, this is really starting to get me to look at other distros. I mean, the windows don't even have a min and max icons up on the right? What am I missing here? I can't even figure out how to log out?

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answered 2013-10-10 22:33:27 -0600

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updated 2013-10-10 22:34:23 -0600

Well, what you are seeing is GNOME 3. It is a radically different approach to desktop which does not have "classical" menus. As a good start, take a look at this cheatsheet - It's a bit dated but still reasonably relevant.

Click on the "Activities" button on the top left and start searching for the relevant applications. In your case, try desktop and look for relevant options. If you would prefer to use command-line, vinagre is the remote desktop tool to connect to other computers.

If you want to use the old GNOME 2 interface (akin to what was in Fedora 12), install MATE desktop environment using the command -

yum groups install "MATE Desktop"

MATE desktop is a fork of old GNOME but is being developed actively now and it very nice to use (in my opinion).

Hope this helps.

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