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fedora19 efi grub change default OS

asked 2013-08-08 12:48:25 -0500

pkands gravatar image

I can't find a simple how-to to change the default grub choice with the EFI versio of grub. I just did a clean install of 19 with the EFI grub dual booting windows 7. The online help I've found so far is for the non-EFI version of grub so some the files are not in same locations. What I have found for the EFI version is not simple enough for me or contains warnings about the directions being buggy, etc. I want to make windows the default for a while. Can someone write a simple how- to for this?

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-08-09 15:56:51 -0500

AdamW gravatar image

The grub config file should be under /boot/efi , and the only line you actually need to change is this one:

set default="0"

it defines which entry in the boot list is the default. 0 is the first, 1 is the second, etc etc.

The only tricky thing will be coming up with a way to keep the Windows entry in a consistent place in the order whenever the Fedora kernel is updated, but I think it should usually contain the same number of entries (three Linux kernels plus whatever else you have), so if you leave it under the Fedora entries, its number shouldn't change.

Note that EFI has its own boot manager - are you sure you're choosing between Windows and Fedora in a grub menu? If you're choosing between them in the EFI boot menu, then configuring that menu is a firmware thing; you can use the 'efibootmgr' command, and I believe it has a parameter to set the default entry.

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answered 2013-08-10 09:59:11 -0500

pkands gravatar image

Yes, it is the EFI boot manager. Thanks for the tip. I'll try efibootmgr.

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