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Auto partitions created by F19 installer during dual booting with Win 8

asked 2013-07-09 11:28:48 -0500

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updated 2014-09-28 19:13:26 -0500

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While dual booting Fedora 19 with Windows 8 in Non-UEFI Hardware, with customised partition for Fedora while installing, it has been observed that Fedora 19 is automatically creating a buffer ext4 partition of something of size 512 MB after the NTFS partitions.

In the same installation, it is also creating another SWAP partition equal to the original customised SWAP partition created, another small ext4 partition of something of 58 GB and creates a full ext4 partition of the remaining empty space.

This has been observed on a 1TB HDD. RAM used was 4GB, though we feel that this had nothing to do with it.

Reformatting the linux partitions and reinstalling Fedora 19 did not solve the issue. The partitions as mentioned above were again created. Such problems were not encountered in F18, F17, F16, F15, etc.

Anyone encountered similar issues? Have we missed something? Is it a bug?

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answered 2013-07-11 20:04:07 -0500

Can you update your question with the output of ssm list ? yum install /usr/bin/ssm if you need to.

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