Mouse focus lost

asked 2013-05-11 16:46:11 -0600

S1m gravatar image

Hi everybody, I'm new to fedora and i'm facing a strange issue.

I've installed fedora 18 with gnome 3.6.3. When i have an application opened after few seconds I can't click on "Activities" menu. I have to right click on the opened application afterwhile the "Activities" menu becomes accessible again.

The strange continues when 2 or more applications are opened : i can't switch from one to another using my mouse. The application focused handle mouse events but when i click on an other one (a terminal for example) nothing happens, the focus stays on the first application and I can't interract with the other one. The "Activities" menu is not accessible neither.

In fact i always have to right click in the active windows before interacting with an other window/app or "activities" menu.

Thank you by advance for your help. Ask-me if you need more details/log.


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