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gnome3 does not find documents in my disc (Fedora18)

asked 2013-05-07 17:42:03 -0600

Ale gravatar image

Hi everybody

I am trying to find documents in my computer using gnome3 shell. For some reason it displays only two or three documents and the rest do not even appear. Did someone have an idea what to do??


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Are u looking at the right location? Try ls -lA

anishjp gravatar imageanishjp ( 2013-05-08 01:57:17 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-05-08 03:07:08 -0600

Bucic gravatar image

updated 2013-05-08 03:20:15 -0600

The functionality is broken/missing in GS pre-3.8 (3.8 is coming with Fedora 19, to be released summer 2013) One example is

I'd recommend one of the semantic launchers for Linux as well as the standalone Search for files application.

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