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Upgrade Fedora 8

asked 2013-03-24 12:37:17 -0600

Godrevolushn gravatar image

updated 2014-09-28 12:28:42 -0600

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I have been searching the forums and google for a solution as to why preupgrade-cli keeps having the following error:

Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: preupgrade-install-images. Please verify its path and try again.

In my searching, I have tried various suggestions such as: 1. yum clean all 2. commenting the mirrorlist lines in fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo 3. uncommenting the baseurl lines in those two files 4. changing the baseurl to ones listed in the fedora mirror manager page for active mirrors

I did preform a yum update prior to installing preupgrade.

I am attempting to upgrade to 10 because I thought I had come across a posting that stated I should only upgrade 2 version levels at a time.

I absolutely cannot do a fresh install. This system runs a COBOL environment that is difficult, at best, to reinstall, so upgrading is the path I need to take...if possible.

I am attempting the upgrade because we have begun integrating some of the COBOL applications with SQL, and have the occasional error with COBOL programs that do not occur on other systems with later versions of Fedora (13, 16, etc.). So we believe that upgrading is the right solution given that nothing else is different other than the Fedora version.

I have had good success with preupgrade on later versions, as well as Fedup on 3 recent upgrades to Fedora 18, so that is why I am attempting the preupgrade method.

The /etc/yum.repos.d directory contains: fedora-development.repo Fedora-install-media.repo fedora.repo fedora-updates-newkey.repo fedora-updates.repo fedora-updates-testing-newkey.repo fedora-updates-testing.repo

What should I do to correct the problem? Other suggestions for getting this system upgraded?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-03-24 17:30:07 -0600

Mordoc gravatar image

I would seriously consider backing up your home and reinstalling to version 17 or 18. It will save you far more time and you will experience few system issues later I'm guessing.

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answered 2013-03-24 22:48:41 -0600

mattdm gravatar image

I think the basic problem here is simply that your upgrade target is also obsolete, and (like everything before F15, at this point) is on rather than the main mirror network. You may get this to work by pointing at that, and then progressing forward until you are at a supported release. You may have better luck using Anaconda, the normal installer, rather than the pre-upgrade approach.

But overall, I'd suggest biting the bullet and creating a fresh environment for the code under a new Fedora 18 install. Make sure to script and document the process (using version control and possibly configuration management, like puppet or ansible), so that you can reproduce the install in the event of a disaster, and to make upgrading less painful next time around.

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Agreed that a fresh install is better but that option, with the COBOL environment, could prove more problematic. Maybe someone can give me pointers on how to correctly point to some of the archives I have found. Editing the .repo files has not proven successful. I will also look at using yum or Anaconda.

Godrevolushn gravatar imageGodrevolushn ( 2013-03-26 15:21:48 -0600 )edit

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