how to setup virtual surround to stereo headphone using pulseaudio

asked 2019-04-13 22:06:12 -0500

I've setup pulseaudio virtual surround by adding the following line in /etc/pulse/ load-module module-virtual-surround-sink sink_name=surround

What output device do I need to choose in the pavucontrol GUI to enable virtual surround to my standard stereo headphone thru HDMI to stereo analog DAC?

So far I'm using the following: 1. In Configuration, select Digital Stereo (HDMI) output instead of Digital Surround 7.1 (HDMI) output 2. In Output Devices, choose HDMI 3. In Playback, right-click on audiostream menu and choose Virtual Surround Sink surround on Digital Stereo HDMI

My assumption is that Digital Surround 7.1 will separate surround channels before feeding to HDMI, which I think requires a 7.1 surround sound decoder. Since the output device is a standard 2.0 stereo headphone, and my guess is the pulseaudio will modulate the left-right channel signals from surround sound source to virtualize surround sound all the way from HDMI to headphone in 2 channels, I don't have to feed thru Digital Surround 7.1 HDMI.

Is this correct, or should I have chosen Digital Surrround 7.1 HDMI output?

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