Unable to boot Fedora 29 on Raspberry PI 3

asked 2019-03-16 14:18:40 -0500

Goodmorning everyone.

Following the instructions on the page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Archit..., I downloaded the Fedora 29 ARM image so that I could use it on my Raspberry PI 3.

However, once loaded on SD with Etcher and inserted into the device for the first time, my problem is presented. GRUB successfully loads the OS, which shows the Systemd log, which, however, does not show "Welcome to Fedora 29" and then loads the login screen, but disconnects the monitor (which shows "No signal") and responds only to the command "CTRL + ALT + DEL", restarting the computer.

From what I've noticed, this could be due to the fact that, while running GRUB, I don't have to select "Fedora 29 Server Edition", but "System setup". However, this operation is not allowed, since, while the boot menu is visible, the keyboard is not available.

What can I do to resolve?

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