shell theme does not display correctly anymore

asked 2019-03-11 03:15:54 -0500


since recently (3 months or so) my shell theme got broken.

I cannot attach picture, so here are some details.

  • the top bar does not stick anymore the top screen.
  • when i click a widget there s a white background behind them (lack of transparency).
  • the menu icon is broken and displays some broken character.

I have tried to install newer themes in order to fix the issue but it did not work.

I have hoped the bug would solved by itself, but it did not happen.

As f30 is coming soon i want to find out if i will be able to fix this issue or if i will have to perform a full new install.

Can you help me to clean my themes, come back to standard setup, then re install some customization!

thanks a lot.

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