how to: distrust quovadis (and maybe digicert) system-wide

asked 2019-02-26 03:37:21 -0500

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the background:





et cetera.

question 1 : how to distrust some certificates on fedora 29 (silverblue) system-wide per sudo vi .. ?

remark: a secure - os but privacy gaps when it comes to the web .. because of the web. fedora should become more active here (+ please ungoogle your chromium - fork with vaapi-support; it's possible).

is stallman and snowden forgotten again in the us?

anyway, thx for your work and the best linux-os out there (imho).

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conlcusio 1: it seems fedora/red hat has no interest in this topic. which makes me doubt fedora/red hat. your nsa's & linux "selinux" doesn't protect against everything. especially when it comes to the web itself. it is becoming more and more obvious that there's something wrong - because in each of the countless fedora forums on the subject of user-privacy there is only silence. only "cloud" (think of stallman again) & kybernetes - blabla.

conclusio 2: never trust american companies. especially not to a company whose customers are to a large extent part of this fascist government itself.

noemata gravatar imagenoemata ( 2019-02-27 03:44:49 -0500 )edit