Disable nautilus search and copy path?

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I decided to install Fedora Workstation on my Yoga 920 (Laptop) mostly because of touch-screen and autorotation support, which is great and flawlessly working. But for other reasons, I am coming from KDE and I have some serious trouble setting up my productive environment here.

  1. I think Nautilus search is horrible. I just want to go to the file starting with 'P', not search for anything with a P in all subfolders and files... how can I disable this? (PARTIALLY SOLVED: I've seen this in preferences. It does full-screen search but at least doesn't search in subfolders)

  2. I need to copy full path of my current directory in nautilus, and I see no way of doing this. Copy doesnt copy the full path, and there's no way to show current full path. Looks like something is discussed here but I don't understand completely: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautil... (PARTIALLY SOLVED: It seems there exists a hidden shortcut CTRL+L that shows full path in the bar)

  3. The screenshot app is horrible thing (no Ctrl+C support, no shortcuts, can't retry, etc). Anything like Spectacle but for Gnome?

  4. I have Skype and Slack running on background but I don't see the tray icon. Where are they? I've seen a few gnome extensions but they work horribly bad.


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