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Fedora 29 KDE: easy to use tool for System-Backup and recovery.

asked 2019-01-18 07:10:46 -0600

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updated 2019-01-18 07:30:07 -0600

I am searching for an easy to use System-Backup and recovery tool. I dropped Timeshift, because it is too flawed and destroyed my system. I want only to use external local backup devices and no remote backup. Please do not suggest stupid block/sector-copier like CloneZilla. It's very important that all security attributes of the whole system will be preserved and so after a disaster recovery of the whole system no issues will occur. All my partitions using ext4-filesystem and LUKS for my /home partition. I use the command-line only if it is absolutely necessary, because I am not interested in typing miles of miles commands to do a simple System-Backup in the 21st Century. I would prefer a tool with a GUI, but only if possible. Please tell me how to find an effective way to save and restore my whole Fedora system. Rsync-only backups often loose permissions and that is what I don't need, because on system-level it's a disaster.

Thank you for your help

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answered 2019-01-31 17:45:49 -0600

Use of LUKS dictates a file-based backup system, such as Kup or Kbackup. Both have GUIS and are KDE-based.

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