Bios locked in my Acer Aspire 3 A315

asked 2018-12-30 08:38:38 -0500

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I am having Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-316K model i3 processor 7130U with 4 GB ram (Soldered). I use Fedora OS. I want to remove this and reinstall fedora OS. For this, I created bootable USB and started the installation process. To my surprise, the BIOS asks for Current password after I press f2 or f12 button. So, I am unable to enter the BIOS settings now.

I had three password attempt and the Laptop gives a unlock code. The bios present in the laptop is of Insyde and the recovery code for Insyde is usually 8 digit but the recovery code I received is 10 digit. I am sure its Insyde bios. I have already checked. So the back door bios reset option like doesn't work.

I tried a hard reset by removing the laptop battery, CMOS battery and left for about an hour but still no use. I couldn't locate the jumper as well.

Help me unlock the bios. Is there any program in Linux to unlock bios?

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cheer up....!!
simmon gravatar imagesimmon ( 2018-12-30 10:15:24 -0500 )edit

I have already tried all these. These solutions don't work. and as far as shorting jumper. I couldn't find a jumper in a laptop motherboard. some people say these methods doesn't work because modern computer use EEPROM for bios.

sulthan90 gravatar imagesulthan90 ( 2018-12-30 11:51:17 -0500 )edit