How to compile kernel

asked 2018-12-24 07:37:11 -0500

How to compile kernel and configure and update kernel and how it can be installed because after installing it is not working ,it occurs error after boot process and it slows down the processing with blank screen and it wont work and how to prioritize the kernel processing.

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Your question is too broad and custom kernels are poorly supported let alone debugging. See or any of the online tutorials

Panther gravatar imagePanther ( 2018-12-24 09:32:37 -0500 )edit
hhlp gravatar imagehhlp ( 2018-12-24 09:45:35 -0500 )edit

@duckfem, it's a another post to help for you new kernel compile and how to show compile process

simmon gravatar imagesimmon ( 2018-12-24 19:51:01 -0500 )edit