solved: Software app broken, can't reinstall that, so reinstalled Fedora [closed]

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The Software app stopped updating properly. If updates were being checked for, a process that usually takes seconds or up to about a minute, now it could take 12 hours and continuing. If Fedora announced updates were available and I started the process, F29 would tell me that this could take a while but it would not tell me the percentage that's done. Updates were often with amazing frequency but the kernel was not among them. I suspected the Software app was failing but I couldn't identify a cause or recall any antecedent event that might explain it and I couldn't uninstall it. Maybe I missed something, but I don't think I saw a way to reinstall a fresh copy to replace the current one. I saw lists of updates when I wanted to see it, but, using Search for Files, I couldn't find a few of those listed components, so I couldn't check version numbers. Then an update for Chromium came along and it turned out that the update did not change the version number from *.77 to *.110 although it was supposed to. Solution: I reinstalled F29 entirely, including repartitioning. The Software app now had 25 updates, which I applied. As far as I know, it now works.

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