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Fedora 29 (Cinnamon) Firefox / Chrome Bug

asked 2018-11-17 07:52:59 -0500

gavinj123 gravatar image

updated 2018-11-17 08:44:38 -0500

Hey! first time poster, long time lurker here. I recently upgraded to fedora 29 and have started to encounter a problem; I have both chrome and firefox installed, in both cases file manager crashes when I try to download & save a file. the file doesnt download. when I do click save, on an image for instance, I select where I want to save e.g 'Pictures' but the location entry at the top wont change from /USERNAME/ and the picture wont even save there. I have installed and completely wiped all data from both and reinstalled. same issue.

hope all this makes sense.


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answered 2018-11-17 10:06:14 -0500

gavinj123 gravatar image

resolved. I was unaware firejail was running.

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