Oracle Linux 7.6 missing from GRUB menu after silly mistake during Fedora 29 Installation

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In my 2011 Laptop (BIOS not UEFI), I just had Fedora 28 installed (Single OS). Then I successfully installed Oracle Linux 7.6 last week as dual boot.

Today, I wanted to install Fedora 29 on this laptop by re-using the disk partitions used for Fedora 28. Fedora 28's /boot was installed on /dev/sda1 . I deleted this during the Fedora 29 installation. Screenshot Fedora29-Installer-DiskLayout.jpg shared via Google drive (link below) shows the /dev/sda1 (1024 MB) shown under 'Unknown' (Fedora 28) is selected for deletion.

I think , this was a mistake because, after the Fedora 29 Installation , I don't see Oracle Linux 7.6 in the grub menu. Was Fedora 28's grub handling both Fedora 28 and Oracle Linux 7.6 ?

Coming back to the original question.

Now, I only see Fedora 29 and Fedora 29 rescue thing in the Grub menu.

I am sure Oracle Linux 7.6 installation is untouched. Its just missing from the grub. How can I get my Oracle Linux 7.6 back in the grub menu , so that I can boot Oracle Linux 7.6. I mean , can I just add entries for Oracle Linux 7.6 in fedora's /boot/grub2/grub.cfg. I don't know how that long grub entry (starting with 'menuentry' ) looks like for Oracle Linux 7.6. Luckily , I have the screenshot of the Grub menu before I messed it up (GrubMenu-beforeMessUp.jpg )

Oracle Linux 7.6's kernel version number is visible in the screenshot. Will this help in the creating an entry for Oracle Linux 7.6 in Fedora 29's /boot/grub2/grub.cfg ? BTW, Oracle Linux has 2 kernels ; UEK and RHCK.

Google drive link where screenshots are shared:

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