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Brightness control for Lenovo X1 Yoga OLED (1st Gen) not working

asked 2018-10-21 15:41:11 -0600

freeridr05 gravatar image

Hello! I'm hoping to get some help debugging brightness control on my machine. Some pertinent info:

  • Machine is a Lenovo X1 Yoga w/ OLED screen (1st Gen)
  • OS is Fedora 28 - all of the latest updates are installed

I'm relatively new to linux, so any guidance on how to debug this issue would be appreciated. Thank you!

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More info is probably needed: I assume you're talking about your desktop, right? Not a virtual console? - You reach the latter via:

<ctrl-alt> - F<try a number from 1-7>

You get back to your desktop environment via:

<alt> - F<try a number from 1-7>

If it's a desktop question: what's the output of:

cat /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service | egrep -i 'desc|bus|cstart'


env | egrep -i 'n__desktop|session=|ssion_t'
wpfeiffer gravatar imagewpfeiffer ( 2018-10-22 07:22:36 -0600 )edit

Thanks for the response! Sorry for the delay.

Description=GNOME Display Manager



Let me know if that's helpful or if there's any other info i can provide! Thanks!

freeridr05 gravatar imagefreeridr05 ( 2018-11-11 20:50:06 -0600 )edit

I think the problem is XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland

freeridr05 gravatar imagefreeridr05 ( 2018-11-17 15:20:52 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-11-19 00:27:06 -0600

freeridr05 gravatar image

OLEDs do not have a backlight, so the backlight control doesn't do anything. The fix is to dim the whole scene.

This provides a 90% solution:

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