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Looking for legacy grub with gpt support

asked 2018-10-20 14:46:13 -0500

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Good afternoon all! I am working with a project that requires GPT support with grub4dos. I have come across several posts that indicate Fedora/RedHat had patched the legacy grub to include GPT support. I was wondering if I could take those patch files and apply them to the grub4dos project to enable GPT support with that software since it uses the legacy grub codebase. The article says that the last version with these patches was from grub-0.97-75.fc16.src.rpm. I tried going to and search for grub, but the only thing that comes up is grub2. I am not familiar with Fedora or RedHat sites or software so any help to find these patches (there should be three) would greatly be appreciated. Also, anyone with knowledge if this will work or not will be helpful.

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answered 2018-10-20 19:55:45 -0500

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You should look into Fedora archives site do not recall since what fedora release we started to used grub2 but on Fedora 14 there is grub, you can also look into the srpm that include the sources.

Good luck, hope this help.

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Thanks for getting back in touch! I looked through the archives and finally found a version of grub in there that contains three patch files! I appreciate your help!

wysiwyg gravatar imagewysiwyg ( 2018-10-23 08:07:47 -0500 )edit

You may also try the git repository at . If you go back one commit, you can see the git repository state right before the package got retired.

genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2018-11-04 16:50:23 -0500 )edit

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