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New kernel update keeps rebooting - F28

asked 2018-09-17 00:41:24 -0600

starchyme gravatar image

kernel-4.17.19-200.fc28 and subsequent kernels keep rebooting on startup. Have to revert to selecting previous kernels to start Fedora 28. After browsing some logs, I cannot seem to find the immediate culprit for this condition. Changing boot parameters have no effect. Please explain how I can start tracing this condition

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answered 2018-09-18 04:36:19 -0600

genodeftest gravatar image

updated 2018-09-18 04:42:59 -0600

After the boot failed, you can still choose the old kernel from grub to run a bootable system.

  1. On next successful boot, run journalctl -b -1 for getting details about the failed boot.
  2. Please check the time of start and end of the log. Does it match the time you booted/rebooted? If yes, the log should have some information at the end which may hint to what was going wrong. Search on and for similar error messages. If no, then the kernel failed before mounting the filesystem containing your system journals, usual residing in /var/log/journal.

See also: Fedora Wiki: Common kernel problems

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I have perused the logs, and no immediate warnings are standing out. I installed some missing things it complained about but it dis not resolve the problem. I attempted blacklisting various devices. I also did a relabel as it seems that SElinux can produce reboots if something happened on the filesystem. The relabel did not help. I also uninstalled the kernels and when it asked to update again to perhaps have it run some cleanup or post-scripts, but the results are the same. Perhaps time to log it as a bug.

starchyme gravatar imagestarchyme ( 2018-09-23 12:24:58 -0600 )edit

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