Fedora 28 KDE spin ATI Radeon Mobility 4650 HD

asked 2018-09-14 11:56:59 -0600

heliosstyx gravatar image

I am using a HP dv7-2140eg with built in ATI Radeon Mobility 4650 HD. I am using GKrellM as Monitor for Hardware etc.

I have installed lmsensors and lmsensorsd and ran the script sensors-detect. I got no sensor for the builtin Graphicscard. Under Windows 10 I use HWInfo-64bit and there I can see, that my Radeon Card has a built-in sensor for GPU temperature. HWInfo can not create a sensor, also I wonder that under Fedora 28 I can't see the GPU-Thermal-sensor. What can I do? What is going wrong here?. Thank you.

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