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Steam install Fedora 28 fail

asked 2018-09-13 23:50:26 -0600

When I try to install via the rpmfusion-nonfree-steam it wants to reinstall 170 packages in 32-bit which are mostly system packages. If I type --skip-broken it fails to install Steam. If I put --allowerasing Steam won't launch. Is it necessary to install all the 32-bit packages?

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answered 2018-09-14 04:33:43 -0600

villykruse gravatar image

As steam from rpmfusion is compiled as a 32-bit program it would need these 32-bit libraries.

[root@mybox ~]# dnf list steam\*
Last metadata expiration check: 3:03:02 ago on Fri 14 Sep 2018 08:27:03 CEST.
Available Packages
steam.i686                   rpmfusion-nonfree-updates
[root@mybox ~]#

Notice it says ".i686" which means it is a 32-bit package.

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Asked: 2018-09-13 23:50:26 -0600

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