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broadcom wifi bc4312 not working in fedora 28

asked 2018-08-29 15:15:37 -0600

brunolebruce gravatar image

I follow this post :

didnt work 4 me, I tested on linux mint 19 live and it did work folowing these steps here: i didnt test with unitedrpm repo.

Should I erase everything and install mint or theres something that Im missin and it can work in Feroda 28? any help ?? thanks all.

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-08-29 19:09:22 -0600

davidva gravatar image

updated 2018-08-29 19:21:32 -0600

Hi, Here we only give altruist support to Fedora. Linux Mint is based in Ubuntu and uses .deb files; in Fedora we are using rpms... Maybe you can change rpm to deb with "alien". Please visit the indicated places of Linux Mint (Ubuntu)


If you are using Fedora 28

You only need enable the repository


Install the package

dnf -y install broadcom-wl-dkms
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