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Fedora27-unable to boot after upgrade [closed]

asked 2018-07-04 12:21:03 -0600

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I ran the automatic updates for Fedora 27 today and now the machine will not boot. It hangs at the log entry "creating user manager for uid 64" followed by a blank grey screen, sometimes with a dead cursor and sometimes not. To get started I had to back off one O/S level. The reported Fedora O/S level is 4.17.3-100.FC27.x86_64 runniing on an AMD Ryzen with 8 Gb of memory.

This machine has thrown boot up errors related to missing files since I first installed Fedora, but they scroll too fast to write it down. There are also errors that start with AE_ about being unable to allocate because the file already exists in the first four lines when boot starts.

Running in recovery mode, journalctl -xe produces a list that contains MANY errors. Unfortunately there is no way to copy them and I really don't know what they mean.

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you could attach a photo from your cell phone? also as for running on an AMD Ryzen with 8 Gb of memory. it would help fedoras development alot if more people did Kernel regression tests als you need in the link and a FAS account

noobusinghacks gravatar imagenoobusinghacks ( 2018-07-06 05:53:00 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-07-28 14:16:24 -0600

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This problem report was included in a subsequent post about the -7 version of the kernel.

Both were resolved by a subsequent update pushed by Fedora. So this report should be closed.

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