Installing Fedora in a macbook 2.1 (uefi32)

asked 2018-06-25 07:29:30 -0600

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I've been trying to revive an old macbook a1181 (late2006) with seems to be uefi32.

I first tried to boot with a F28 Live without luck (i.e. it stops after choosing "Try Fedora...." boot menu.).

Then i successfully tried with a F27 Live image. I was able to boot and install to hard drive. I was able to boot from HD and everything worked perfect (i.e. Wifi). Altough I have some kernel errors linked to the intel VGA driver.

The real problem started when I updated the system (dnf update). The new kernel 4.16.16) was installed and I am unable to boot again using the last kernel. I am able to boot selecting 4.13.9 Kernel thought.

Is there anyone with the same issue and have a solution?. How can I locate the exact boot error with latest kernel?. Is there a way to ensure that the new kernel is not installed? (so at least I can still use the older kernel)

Many thanks.

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No answer to your question but set installonly_limit in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf to a higher number. The system will keep as many kernels as you specify there. Or you can set excludepkgs=kernel* and you won't update the kernel

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2018-06-25 08:34:21 -0600 )edit

Thanks Florian, I did increase the installonly_limit in order to be able to keep the 4.13 kernel longer. Many thanks.

kembo gravatar imagekembo ( 2018-06-25 15:24:41 -0600 )edit

Just be careful when updating. You also want to make sure that you don’t fill /boot. Consider excluding kernels from updates until problem found and solved.

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2018-06-25 16:08:32 -0600 )edit

It's been a few months now since this question was asked, but has a solution been found? I myself am trying to get Fedora running on a Macbook 2,1; specifically the LXDE spin. For me (it may be the same for the author), whenever it tries to boot after the "Try Fedora" screen, it sits for a few minutes then a screen with white lines and dashes comes up and stays there until I have to forcefully shut the computer down. I sure hope that something is found...

kenizl86 gravatar imagekenizl86 ( 2018-10-07 07:30:36 -0600 )edit

Hi Sorry for late answer,

I still have not resolved the issue. I found the following bug report which provides additional details on the exact issue I have, but it seems it has been closed (EOL).

My understanding is that you should be able to run Fedora 27 as long as you use a lower than 4.14 Kernel. This is what is currently working for me. Try to boot with a F27 live dvd.

Did you find anything else?

kembo gravatar imagekembo ( 2019-01-02 03:45:12 -0600 )edit