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Netatalk - where to find out, why it crashed?!?

asked 2018-06-15 14:38:28 -0600

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been useing fedora since 21* and have to useage for netatalk, been useing this site and recently i had to reinstall a server, so got version 28. flawlessly until i had to use netatalk. used that site, it does say 29 and not testet on 28 but on 29 and 27. everything installs fine. but when ever i write/read on the shares, the hole server just stops it's connection to localnetwork/outside. i got login manuelly on the server with keyboard and screen. and simpley reboot it, then it works until i use netatalk agian. i sat the network on the server up with nmcli like i use to recently. can't ping google or gateway when ever it "crash" when i'm there physically can't find anything in logs that shouuld indicate that it's kernel panic or even a crash.


i have a another server. did exactly the same with it. everything works in it tho.. only diffirience is how many cores they have..

here's netatalk afp.conf

; Netatalk 3.x configuration file

    uam list =
    afp listen =
    max connections = 100
    mimic model = RackMac
    afpstats = yes
    vol dbnest = no
    vol dbpath = /mnt/Hdd1/
    map acls = rights
    chmod request = preserve
afp interfaces = enp0s7
afp port = 548
cnid listen = localhost:4700
log level = default:maxdebug

;basedir regex = /home

path = /mnt/Hdd1
cnid dev = no
    file perm = 774
    directory perm = 775
    umask = 000
    veto files = .windows/.mac/

path = /mnt/Hdd2/Backup
time machine = yes
cnid dev = no
    file perm = 774
    directory perm = 775
    umask = 000
    veto files = .windows/.mac/

path = /mnt/Hdd2
cnid dev = no
    file perm = 774
    directory perm = 775
    umask = 000
    veto files = .windows/.mac/
path = /mnt/Hdd3
cnid dev = no
    file perm = 774
    directory perm = 775
    umask = 000
    veto files = .windows/.mac/
path = /mnt/Hdd4
cnid dev = no
    file perm = 774
    directory perm = 775
    umask = 000
    veto files = .windows/.mac/
path = /mnt/Hdd5
cnid dev = no
    file perm = 774
    directory perm = 775
    umask = 000
    veto files = .windows/.mac/
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answered 2018-06-16 14:59:16 -0600

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updated 2018-06-17 05:47:13 -0600

Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fileserver. A UNIX, Linux or BSD system running Netatalk is capable of serving many Macintosh clients simultaneously as an AppleShare file server (AFP).

you can install netatalk from this COPR repo here : see note what is COPR repo

you can serahc other COPR repo with this command :

   dnf copr search netatalk

let's to start :

sudo dnf copr enable msartori/netatalk
sudo dnf install netatalk mock

then you should do :

# systemctl enable avahi-daemon
# systemctl enable netatalk.sevice
# systemctl start avahi-daemon
# systemctl start netatalk.service

from Netatalk3.1.11SRPMforFedoraandCentOS

after that you can do the follow :

systemctl status netatalk    ->  see what happend with this daemond

then you want to more deep :

Some of the most compelling advantages of systemd are those involved with process and system logging. When using other tools, logs are usually dispersed throughout the system, handled by different daemons and processes, and can be fairly difficult to interpret when they span multiple applications. Systemd attempts to address these issues by providing a centralized management solution for logging all kernel and userland processes. The system that collects and manages these logs is known as the journal.

The journal is implemented with the journald daemon, which handles all of the messages produced by the kernel, initrd, services, etc. In this guide, we will discuss how to use the journalctl utility, which can be used to access and manipulate the data held within the journal.

Filtering by Message Interest

In this section in particular, we'll discuss how to filter based on what service or component you are interested in.

By Unit

Perhaps the most useful way of filtering is by the unit you are interested in. We can use the -u option to filter in this way.

For instance, to see all of the logs from an unit on our system, we can type:

journalctl -u netatalk.service

NOTE : Copr (Cool Other Package Repo) is a Fedora project to help make building and managing third party package repositories easy. The instance to be installed within Fedora Infrastructure provides Fedora maintainers with the ability to create repos of packages to build against and share with others.

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