Unable to connect to wireless network with Fedora 28 Scientific

asked 2018-06-11 04:33:07 -0600

I have been running FC18 and FC20 on my old desktop and I can connect to the wireless network without a problem. I recently bought new hardware and thought that I will install a new FC28 Scientific. I also brought my old hardisk accross with FC18 and FC20. I use a Huawei K4510 usb modem connecting to the usb port. On my new machine with FC18 and FC20 it works fine, I use Gnome desktop on both. On FC28 scientific with KDE plasma desktop it does not work. This is my only way of connecting to the internet, so I must get it working and it has been a struggle. I found blogs indicating to update or install broadcom drivers, but the dependencies are such a big list that I gave up after 3 days of manually downloading rpms. Is there any other way to get it working, I believe that Gnome on FC28 might be a way to go, but again the dependencies will be a big list.

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