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Can't start Windows anymore after Fedora installation

asked 2018-06-03 06:04:10 -0500

Leviathan gravatar image

updated 2018-06-04 08:19:49 -0500

Hey guys, I hope somebody can help me on this. First of all: I'm an absolute Linux Newbie/Noob, so please keep advices as simple as possible.

I finally installed Fed 28 on my laptop as a dual boot system. On the 2nd partition there's an already existing Windows 7, encrypted with TrueCrypt. Now after installing Fedora, GRUB seems to have changed the MBR in a way that the TrueCrypt bootloader won't be loaded anymore, on the other hand it isn't listed at GRUB itself. As a consequence I can't start my Windows anymore.

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ok pls check ur boot menu ,if its showing windows option

jo_117 gravatar imagejo_117 ( 2018-06-04 10:50:29 -0500 )edit

Since my Windows is encrypted, GRUB didn't and won't realize there's another bootable partition on my computer. What I'd need now is some advice how to link GRUB to the TrueCrypt bootloader or loading TrueCrypt before GRUB.

Leviathan gravatar imageLeviathan ( 2018-06-04 11:19:06 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-06-04 09:39:45 -0500

jo_117 gravatar image

ok,first go to fedora and open terminal(command line) and type the above - vim /etc/default/grub

make changes to first line ie increase time of grub from 5 to say 15.This will give time to select ur os when u r switching on ur system and during the booting it will show both windows as well as fedora.u select what you need.

if u want to changr ur default os then goto boot menu by pressing f2 during rebbot and goto boot menu and change the boot order of os from it.

hope it helps...!!

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