Cannot boot after upgrade to fedora 28

asked 2018-05-28 12:24:53 -0500

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After upgrading fedora 27 to 28, I used grub-customizer to modify the boot menu. As the fedora-28 version crashed, I followed the workaround to install the fedora-27 version of grub-customizer as it was described in this forum: ask fedora Afterwords, the expected boot menu appeared, and I could boot, and log-in. But the performance was extremely low. The number of CPSs was reported 1 by lscpu. To repair that, I tried several advices, which all did not improve the situation. I had to reboot a live-usb device in all the cases. 1. grub2-install / grub2-mkconfig 2. boot-repair (64bits live system) boot-repair produced the following output: boot-repair-output


  1. After selecting the OS from the boot-menu I used to obtain somthing like ACPI Error: Needed Type ... which also appears, when I start a live-usb-device, but which is missing, when I boot from the damaged disk. I take that as an indicator for a sane start-up.

  2. If I boot from the damaged disk, lines of the console protocol are duplicate and time-stamps are not upgraded in real-time (meaning within a minute, the time stamps change maybe by 5 seconds)

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