PC freezes on startup (motherboard logo screen) after installing Fedora 28 for Windows 10 dual boot

asked 2018-05-26 08:25:14 -0500

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Hi, I've been using Windows 10 forever now but I decided to try out Linux, especially after my friend recommended Fedora. I have Windows 10 on a 500GB SSD and I installed Fedora to a 1TB hard drive last night, which I also use for backups and data storage.

It was working perfectly after I installed it, both Windows 10 and Fedora. After I went back to Windows 10 to format a USB drive, Windows showed a tiny popup that said there was a problem and that I have to restart, but after I restarted I couldn't get past the screen with the motherboard logo on it. It's the screen that says "Press Del for BIOS" and all of that but I can't press any buttons to get anywhere, I just have to shut it down from the power button.

This morning I looked into it and found it was just the Fedora drive that wasn't working and that, if I removed it, Windows and the BIOS would work perfectly again. So, Windows somehow did something that broke my Fedora drive.

I tested switching the SATA cables for the SSD and HDD around but only the SSD worked. I also thought that maybe it was secure boot that was stopping but apparently Fedora should work with secure boot and I can't find an option in my BIOS to turn it off anyway. I'm gonna try getting a SATA to USB adapter as a last resort to try and recover it but can anyone help or suggest what Windows actually did that stopped the HDD from working?

CPU: Intel i5 6600k Motherboard: Gigabyte K3 Z170 Ram: 2x8gb Corsair DDR4 Storage: Samsung 500GB SSD, 1TB Hard Drive GPU: Asus GTX 1080 Ti PSU: EVGA G2 650W Chassis: Phanteks Enthoo Pro M OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Fedora 28 Workstation

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sounds like a simple hard drive failure of the 1TB. I have windows 10 and fedora on separate drives, never had any issues, even after windows updated to the most recent spring creators update.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2018-05-26 15:33:08 -0500 )edit