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Why is snapd dependend on bash-completion

asked 2018-02-14 08:44:35 -0600

tiller gravatar image

I am trying to remove the package bash-completion with the command

dnf erase bash-completion

But then dnf gives me: Removing: bash-completion noarch 1:2.6-2.fc27
Removing dependent packages: snapd x86_64 2.30-1.fc27

Why does snapd depend on bash-completion?

And how do I remove bash-completion without removing snap?

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I have no idea about this dependency. It's not recommended but you can remove bash-completion with: rpm -e --nodeps bash-completion. Maybe there is a good reason for snapd to require that dependency, anyway linux gives you all the ammos (--nodeps) for shooting yourself in the foot.

fcomida gravatar imagefcomida ( 2018-02-14 11:32:09 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-02-14 20:30:35 -0600

sideburns gravatar image

Welcome to ask.fedora. I'm not familiar with snapd, but I see that it's written in python. That suggests that it works, in part, by using one or more of the shell functions provided by the bash-completion package. Is there any particular reason why you want to get rid of it, or are you just trying to get rid of things you don't personally use?

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answered 2018-05-05 10:56:10 -0600

abitrolly gravatar image

Starting with snapd 2.30, commands and aliases packaged in snaps are able to perform tab-completion in the bash shell, and in the future that same mechanism will be enabled in other shells as well.

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answered 2018-02-15 02:28:27 -0600

villykruse gravatar image

snapd provides additional rules for bash completion, which would not work without bash-completion being installed.

However, bash completion is not essential, and it might make sense for snapd to recommend bash-completion rather than require that package. If this is a problem you could file a Bugzilla report.

Other packages also require bash-completion: (run dnf repoquery --whatrequires bash-completion)

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